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Tutoring session with a gold league player

Check it out to learn basic mechanics and the Reaper FE build / gameplan.


New video! :) TvZ – And just a small update


Hey guys!

I haven’t been around on my youtube-channel or on the blog for a while. Stick around and eventually you will get to the explenation part of this article. Read the rest of this page »

Ladder anxiety

Hey guys!
For those of you who follow my stream and subscribe to me on youtube you will have noticed that I haven’t been active on either in recent times. Now it doesn’t mean that I am giving up on anything, but I’ve been heavily preoccupied with work, my kid and social activities.  I will keep on going strong, but summer time in Norway is so short that it has to be enjoyed, so I won’t be as active as I am in the winter 🙂 Just saying…… Read the rest of this page »

TvZ Fast expand openings and the standard unit composition vs Zerg

Hey guys!
Most of you guys reading this are looking to improve your gameplay, as am I. One of the easiest ways to learn and try to improve is by watching pro games or high level streams. I know I’ve learned a lot from watching different streams on TL.
Now many of you will have problems against Zerg, and I know how it feels. That feeling of never being able to leave your base is horrible, and once you have been set behind you will be set even more behind by your fear of expanding or even pushing out. We all know how powerful Zerg macro is if you let Zerg be alone for any period of time. Read the rest of this page »

TvP – Protoss IMBA? What am I doing wrong?

Hey yooo.

I’ve been inactive due to my lack of ability to actually be online. Now that I am online you will see me back with more stuff as soon as I get around to it. So if you play SC2 and you actually play any ladder matches you will find that Protoss is the most played race as of right  now on the EU ladder. I had a run of 9 TvPs on ladder the other day. Seeing as it used to be my favorite matchup and my the one I would be most confident in I was stunned to notice that the better my opponents got at turteling and defending drops the worse I would do proportionate to the lack of damage dealt. It is sort of strange how I didn’t realize that my efficiency against Protoss was decreasing instead of one day waking up and just realizing that I got owned in every TvP I played! Read the rest of this page »

Exciting new stuff to come, I promise

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How to prepare for a lesson – Basics to getting better

Hey again my 3 subscribers and random reader! 😀

I have been heavily preoccupied with work, school and my own practice as of late. Because of that I haven’t been able to make videos or blog posts. Surely you guys don’t think I have abandoned you, and you shouldn’t abandon me! I’ll tell it how it is: I am working so hard on my own skill and getting into master league that I haven’t been able to teach anybody Read the rest of this page »